How to Avoid Foreclosure in Massachusetts

How to Avoid Foreclosure in Massachusetts

The specter of foreclosure is a harrowing ordeal for any homeowner. In Massachusetts, where non-judicial foreclosure processes dominate, navigating this crisis can be particularly overwhelming. The good news is that there are several options at your disposal to help you prevent foreclosure and keep your home. Though this guide is not a substitute for professional legal or financial advice, it aims to provide a comprehensive overview of strategies and resources you can use to avoid foreclosure in Massachusetts.

Understanding the Foreclosure Timeline

Pre-Foreclosure Stage

Understanding the foreclosure timeline is crucial for taking timely actions. Missing a mortgage payment technically puts you in default, but most lenders will allow a grace period of 15-30 days. Once you’re beyond this grace period, the lender will typically send a “Notice of Default” or a “Right to Cure” notice. This gives you a specified amount of time, usually 30 to 90 days, to make up the missed payments plus any late fees.

Foreclosure Stage

If the default is not cured within the timeline stated in the Right to Cure notice, the lender will move forward with the foreclosure process. In Massachusetts, this often involves publishing your foreclosure in local newspapers for three weeks before the actual foreclosure sale.

Communication is Key

Speak Early and Clearly

  1. Contact Your Lender: Do not wait for your lender to contact you. Reach out as soon as you know you’ll have trouble meeting your payment obligations.
  2. Negotiate New Terms: Your lender might be willing to negotiate new loan terms, offering a loan modification or even a temporary forbearance period.

Maintain Records

Keep a record of all communications, including the names and titles of people you speak with. This can be crucial if disputes arise later.

Seek Legal Advice

Hire an Attorney

An attorney experienced in Massachusetts foreclosure laws can guide you through legal loopholes, errors, and rights that you may not be aware of.

Legal Aid

If you cannot afford an attorney, organizations such as Legal Aid offer free legal help to low-income individuals.

Utilize Government Programs and Resources

Federal Programs

  1. Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP): For federally-backed mortgages, this program aims to make monthly payments more manageable.
  2. Making Home Affordable (MHA): Offers refinance options and other solutions for homeowners at risk.

Massachusetts State Programs

  1. HomeCorps: Provides loan modification programs and other resources for Massachusetts residents.
  2. Massachusetts Housing Partnership: Offers programs like ONE Mortgage which helps low-income homeowners with reduced interest rates.

Non-Governmental Support

Community Support

Organizations such as the National Consumer Law Center and the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America offer resources and advice for distressed homeowners.

Online Platforms

Websites like offer webinars, eBooks, and other informational materials.

Financial Options

Short Sale

If you owe more than your home’s current value, a short sale allows you to sell your home for less than the mortgage amount with lender approval.

Refinance Your Mortgage

If you still have a decent credit score, refinancing your mortgage could lead to lower monthly payments.

Sell and Downsize

As a last resort, you can sell your property and move to a more affordable residence.

Bankruptcy as a Last Resort

Filing for bankruptcy is often viewed as the last line of defense against foreclosure, and while it comes with its own set of challenges and long-term repercussions, it can offer a temporary respite in your foreclosure battle. Under federal law, filing for bankruptcy puts an immediate halt on all debt collection activities, including foreclosure, through a legal provision known as an “automatic stay.” This gives you precious time to reorganize your finances and consult with financial and legal advisors to explore other options. There are two primary types of bankruptcy that homeowners might consider: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves liquidating your assets to pay off debts and doesn’t generally allow you to keep your home, but it can delay the foreclosure process and give you time to transition to a new living situation. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, on the other hand, allows you to keep your assets, including your home, and reorganizes your debts into a more manageable payment plan. It’s crucial to note that a bankruptcy will have a long-lasting impact on your credit score, making future borrowing more difficult and expensive. Moreover, there are legal costs and complexities involved in the bankruptcy process, which will require the guidance of an attorney specialized in bankruptcy law. Thus, while bankruptcy can offer a short-term solution and give you time to breathe, it should be considered carefully and as a last resort after you’ve exhausted other avenues for avoiding foreclosure.

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